Proud to be Clean

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Each of Old Port Cove Holdings, Inc.'s marinas are proud to fly the Clean Marina flag and sport it's logo as each have been designated a Clean Marina by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP). This designation recognizes our commitment toward protecting water quality and conserving aquatic ecosystems in the Lake Worth Lagoon. Besides maintaining esthetically pleasing and clean facilities, the marinas provide services to their boaters that encourage environmental protection and pollution prevention. The services include recycling, well-marked waste receptacles, supervised used oil and hazardous waste collection containers (including containers for flares), clean bathrooms and laundry, pump-out services and in-slip pump-out, and information on sensitive habitats and endangered species. To learn more about the Clean Marina and Clean Boater programs, please visit the following web site:

Old Port Cove Marina - 2000
North Palm Beach Marina - 2000
New Port Cove Marine Center - 2003

Our Commitment to Manatee Awareness

With specific regard to endangered species, it should be noted that the FDEP also recognizes the companies efforts in the area of manatee awareness. Created out of the companies own environmental concerns in 1989, a very unique and one of a kind Manatee Awareness Program, "Extinction is Forever", was formed whereby volunteers from the company, i.e. the management team, teaches manatee awareness to students in the public school system in anticipation of their future as boaters in the state of Florida. Richard Morgan, President and C.O.O. of Old Port Cove Holdings, Inc. stated "We felt that by educating students today, they would become more careful and aware of the environment, not only as they reached maturity, but even today as passengers aboard a family or friends vessel."

If you would like to book a Manatee Awareness Program, please contact Sue Morgan, Marketing & Public Relations Director for Old Port Cove Holdings, Inc., 561-296-1863/626-1760 or feel free to e-mail your request to: Manatee Awareness tips adoptions can be found by following this link:

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